Jerry Ray

Co-Founder, Chief Financial & Operating Officer

Jerry Ray

Jerry Ray is an administrative and financial professional, with demonstrated success serving multimillion-dollar nonprofit organizations for more than 37 years, as both a senior executive and consultant. He has held C-level positions in a number of nonprofit organizations, including the San Diego Foundation and the San Diego Rock Church.

Jerry is motivated by making a meaningful and practical difference in the lives of others, and highly values excellence and effectiveness in the work environment. His leadership style is focused through the lens of mission, vision and strategy. His strengths include team building and efficient utilization of people toward a strategic direction, well-thought-out decision making in the context of vision, sound financial management, and creating a solid foundation of organizational structure. He enjoys the challenge of leading and managing the growth, operations. and financial strength and stability of emerging or expanding organizations, and working in an environment where he can apply his skills and managerial talents over a broad spectrum of functional areas and activities.

Jerry has assisted in the formation of six nonprofit organizations, serving on the board of four of them. He holds an MBA from San Diego State University.

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