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Senior Orphans and seniors impacted by the pandemic alike struggle with social isolation. With in-person social activities limited, senior centers semi-open, volunteer duties on hiatus, and contact with family members limited, older adults have been cut off from their communities and are living through a period of unprecedented loneliness.

The situation is even more dire for the one in three seniors who live alone, many of whom are “elder orphans” without family or friends nearby to care for them. 

With your support, we can provide flexible resources and innovative programs that sustain seniors’ health and wellbeing during this unprecedented time of need. Join us in our campaign to end senior isolation. Learn more here.

By 2030, our region will be home to almost one million people over the age of 60. The new wave of older adults marks a population for which there is little support in place. Older adults now face: having longer life spans, smaller family units and friend support networks, and wider ranges of challenges for housing, transportation, caregiving, health care, and technology.

Our systems are yet to have the infrastructure in place to support this massive influx of seniors. Our Senior Center Master Plan takes this on as a welcomed challenge to assess senior centers in San Diego and transforms them into wellness hubs for our older adult population. Join us in our campaign to raise $150 million over the next 10 years to transform and revolutionize the systems for aging in California. Learn more here.

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