Senior Center Fund

Help Build a Sophisticated Network of 21st-Century Senior Centers for the Next Generation of Elder San Diegans

Through the power of philanthropy and partnerships, we can create a better future for aging San Diegans by building a network of comprehensive, sophisticated senior centers that meet the needs of today’s older adults—places to socialize, exercise, learn, create, engage with the community and access critical resources. This means enhancing existing centers and, where necessary, constructing new facilities.

75% of San Diego senior centers were built over 30 years ago

A senior center is so much more than a building. It is a gateway to the aging network, connecting older adults to vital services that help them stay healthy and independent. Many of San Diego’s senior centers are more than 40 years old, with limited budgets, staff and programs—and some local communities have no center at all.

[Read our 2019 report on the state of San Diego senior centers]

We believe all older adults deserve access to the resources they need to thrive. Research shows senior center participants have better health, increased social enrichment, and are more satisfied with their lives. A well-run, properly funded senior center supports its clients’ physical, mental, social, and financial health—helping them to age in place with a higher quality of life and providing outreach to isolated seniors who might otherwise have no one to turn to.

The Time for Solutions Is Now

Our population is rapidly aging—by the year 2030, 1 in 4 San Diegans will be age 60 or older. The demand for aging related services and supports will grow exponentially in coming years, and we believe senior centers will be the central hubs where older adults will go to access these critical programs. The senior center of the future will be much more than a place to play bingo—it will be a vital part of the county’s public health infrastructure.

[Read our vision for what a senior center should be] 

Invest in San Diego’s Future

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help fund our efforts to build and improve senior centers throughout San Diego County. Together we can ensure every senior has someone they can turn to and trust.

More Ways to Give

Want to make a lasting impact? Open a donor-advised fund and play an active role in deciding how your money will be used as a grant maker. You can even designate a specific neighborhood, organization, program, or funding area to benefit from your generosity. Contact Bob Kelly at to learn more.

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