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Flood Recovery Fund
for San Diego Seniors

No Senior Alone: Help San Diego Seniors Recover from the Floods

The heart of San Diego aches as we witness the devastation left by the recent floods. But amidst the wreckage, our spirit endures, especially for those most vulnerable: our seniors. Many weathered the storm alone, losing their homes, belongings, and even a sense of security. The road to recovery feels insurmountable, but at the San Diego Seniors Community Foundation (SDSCF), we refuse to let any senior face this challenge alone.

That’s why we’ve launched the San Diego Seniors Flood Recovery Fund: a beacon of hope for seniors battling the aftermath of the floods. Your donation will become a lifeline, ensuring no senior alone navigates this hardship.

While we understand the desire to help individuals directly, our goal is to maximize the impact of each donation. By donating to our San Diego Seniors Flood Recovery Fund, we will direct the monies to established non-profit organizations engaged in disaster response and relief; we leverage their expertise, infrastructure, and experience to efficiently distribute aid and resources to a wider range of people in need.

How Your Contribution Makes a Difference:

  • Immediate Relief: Your generosity provides warm meals, safe shelter, and essential supplies, offering comfort in the face of immediate need.
  • Home Repair & Rebuilding: Your gift brings skilled hands and crucial materials to rebuild roofs, mend walls, and restore safe havens for displaced seniors.
  • Emotional Support: Your compassion extends beyond physical needs, offering access to counseling and support groups, and nurturing healing and hope.

Together, we can ensure:

  • No senior alone goes hungry or lacks shelter.
  • No senior alone faces the daunting task of rebuilding without support.
  • No senior alone feels the weight of financial burdens during this vulnerable time.
  • No senior alone battles emotional trauma without a helping hand.

Or mail your check to:

SDSCF c/o Seniors Flood Recovery Fund P.O. Box 60515 San Diego, CA 92106

Call us at (619) 684-9114 to donate by phone.

Remember, your tax-deductible donation (Tax ID: 81-4910505) holds immense power. It’s more than just a contribution; it’s a promise to our community, a commitment to stand by our seniors and ensure no senior alone faces this hardship.

P.S. Please share this page with your friends and family. Together, we can make a world of difference for our most vulnerable neighbors.

Donate today and help us rewrite the narrative: from No Senior Alone to No Senior Left Behind.