San Diego Seniors Coronavirus Recovery Fund

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has transformed daily life for all San Diegans, but few have been impacted more than seniors. Forced to stay home and avoid social contact for their own safety, it is unclear when normal life will resume for our region’s older adults. As government agencies and community-based organizations scramble to help isolated individuals access food, health care, medicine and other vital services, the need to establish a robust support network for San Diego seniors has never been more apparent.

During this trying time, our role as a community foundation is to support the ongoing needs of our most vulnerable neighbors, both during and after the crisis. Our guiding principal is to ensure that every local senior has someone they can turn to and trust. To this end, we are working to direct resources to community partners who are responding to seniors’ immediate challenges related to the coronavirus. More importantly, we are also looking ahead to the long-term recovery that will follow this prolonged public health crisis. 

We believe the key infrastructure needed to help seniors rebuild their lives and be ready for the next emergency is a sophisticated network of 21st century senior centers across San Diego County. These state-of-the-art facilities will be the hubs for all aging-related services in our communities, staffed by gerontologists and community navigators who can lead outreach efforts to connect seniors with vital resources that support their safety, health and independence.  

Together with our philanthropic partners, SDSCF is leading a regional effort to help seniors recover from this crisis and build a county-wide support system to protect them now and forever. The San Diego Seniors Coronavirus Recovery Fund provides the community with a vehicle to assist the older adults whose lives have been most impacted by this unprecedented public health disaster.

Support community-based efforts to protect our most vulnerable citizens during and after the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Money raised for the San Diego Seniors Coronavirus Recovery Fund will be granted to senior-focused organizations across San Diego County to address the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, mitigate its long-term effects, and work toward recovery. Funding will remain flexible to address evolving needs over time, with a primary focus on restoring and augmenting services based out of senior centers that will continue to benefit older adults long after the pandemic is over. Examples of programs and projects that could be funded include:

  • Assessing the status of our community senior centers in the wake of coronavirus and identifying strategic grant opportunities to get them back up and running
  • Hiring senior center community outreach coordinators to organize volunteers, conduct check-ins, and connect seniors with critical resources
  • Supporting the health of isolated seniors by expanding home-delivery programs for meals and medicine
  • Developing job training and career resources for older adults who need supplemental income after the virus has run its course
  • Investing in other programs that contribute to seniors’ overall wellbeing by addressing their physical, mental, social, and/or financial health
  • Exploring other initiatives to strengthen San Diego’s regional senior support network and improve our ability to respond to future disasters

Your support will allow us to help older adults in our community now and forever

Current SDSCF fund holders may contribute to the San Diego Seniors Coronavirus Recovery Fund from their donor-advised funds by contacting

If you would like to send a check, please mail it to:

San Diego Seniors Community Foundation
P.O. Box 60515
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