Senior Orphans Fund

Help end social isolation among seniors

Senior orphans are an emerging group of San Diegans who need our support. We call them “orphans” because for various reasons, including lack of nearby relatives, never having children, never getting married, divorce, or the death of a spouse, these elderly men and women are alone and have no one to care for them as they age.

​The numbers are staggering. 1 in 3 American seniors age 65 and older live alone, and nearly a quarter — roughly 180,000 San Diegans — are at risk of becoming orphans or already in this situation. That number is expected to swell to 300,000 in San Diego County by the year 2030.

These senior orphans represent the most vulnerable subset of the aging population and are at increased risk of social isolation, elder abuse, and serious health concerns. Social isolation has been deemed the new “silent killer” with negative health impacts equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Together we can make a difference

The money we raise for the Senior Orphans Fund will be granted to local organizations to fund outreach, meal service, home-sharing programs, and other initiatives to end social isolation and improve quality of life for seniors aging alone. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support our elder neighbors who have no one else to turn to.

More Ways To Give

Want to make a lasting impact? Open a donor-advised fund and play an active role in deciding which local nonprofits to support as a grant maker. Or include San Diego Seniors Community Foundation in your will or trust to leave an enduring legacy in support of seniors in our region. Contact Bob Kelly at to learn more.

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