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How San Diego Seniors Can Navigate the Vaccine Appointment Process

Despite efforts to vaccinate more San Diegans, many seniors say they’re having trouble making appointments. Right now, essential healthcare workers, as well as people 65 and up are eligible for the vaccine.

One 80-year-old woman told News 8 she’s done everything she can, saying, “there seems to be nothing we can do.” Mayre Jo Millard of Lakeside says she has gone above and beyond to try and schedule a vaccine appointment for her and her 82-year-old husband, Carl.

“I’ve called our doctor they say you have to get online. I’ve called 211 numerous times. I even get up at four in the morning to call them because I’m thinking I can get through easier at that time but so far we’ve had no luck.”

Mayre Jo has asthma. Carl has heart issues. The couple is afraid to leave their home unless it’s absolutely essential.

“It’s very frustrating. You get to the point where you just wanna cry because you’re afraid…you’re scared you’re gonna get this stuff and at our age with our issues you’re just too old to survive it,” said Mayre Jo.

There are currently four vaccine super stations in the county, with a fifth in the works. That’s in addition to some individual pharmacies and clinics offering the vaccine.

“Honestly, it’s getting much much better…every day it’s better,” said Bob Kelly, President and CEO of San Diego Seniors Community Foundation.

Kelly suggested going to to make an appointment at one of the super vaccination sites. If you live in an unincorporated area you can also reach out to the Sheriff’s You Are Not Alone (YANA) program for assistance.

Watch the video at to learn more.

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