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News Report: Local Nonprofit Launches $1 Million Philanthropy Initiative to Support Isolated Seniors

Social isolation was already an issue for seniors before COVID-19, but over the past six months, as older people have stayed at home to avoid the virus, it has reached epidemic levels. In an effort to keep isolated older adults healthy, engaged and active during the pandemic, San Diego Seniors Community Foundation has launched its No Senior Alone initiative. With a matching donation pledge of up to $500,000 from the Sahm Family Foundation, SDSCF hopes to raise $1 million to fund programs and projects that will help seniors stay connected to loved ones and bridge the digital divide.

“This generation is one to be valued, protected and not forgotten,” Abigail Sahm said. “The hard work and dedication of our great grandparents and grandparents has benefitted the generations that have followed.”

Money from the No Senior Alone initiative will be distributed to senior-serving nonprofits around San Diego County to support their work with vulnerable seniors. “There are many, many seniors right now who built this community, who built this city, who built this state and who built this nation and are now alone,” said Congressman Juan Vargas. “They deserve better, and we as a people [can make it] better.”

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