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Meet Luis Monge: San Diego Senior Advocate

Luis Monge is an advocate, a leader and a loving grandfather.

Raised by his grandmother, Luis has always understood the contributions and value older people bring to their communities. For that very reason, his days are often filled with support and activism for the senior population, ensuring they are cared for by our society and prioritized by policymakers. That is, of course, when Luis is not tending to his vegetable garden where he grows produce to share with friends and neighbors.

Recently, Luis demonstrated his passion for uplifting older people at San Diego Seniors Community Foundation’s press briefing in Chula Vista, when the No Senior Alone Initiative was announced. As an older person himself, Luis excitedly took on the role as spokesperson, expressing how dire the issue of social isolation is for seniors. 

“Your chances of survival are very minimal [if you fall victim to isolation]. You need to get involved, go outside and talk to your neighbor. Don’t let your brain betray you, go out there and become a member of the community. We all belong to this world, we all need to enjoy it, and we all need to have services,” said Luis. 

Luis emphasized the importance of senior-serving organizations in supporting older people’s health and wellbeing. He also reminded the audience of something often overlooked – We seniors have a lot of experience to share with our children, our families, and members of the community.”

We at SDSCF couldn’t agree more with Luis. As a foundation, part of our mission is to highlight the importance of seniors in our region and the invaluable wisdom they provide.

“We all belong to this world, we all need to enjoy it, and we all need to have services”

Luis, himself, is a living example of how seniors protect what matters in their communities. Having been involved with the Aging and Independence Services Advisory Council for 12 years and serving on the California Senior Legislature for 13, Luis embodies the meaningful, dynamic lifestyle we want to help all seniors achieve.

Interested in what else Luis had to say? Watch the recording of our press conference.

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