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News Report: San Diego Not Ready for Senior Population Boom

San Diego Seniors Community Foundation president and CEO Bob Kelly spoke to KOGO radio last week about the growing number of seniors in our community and the lack of infrastructure to support them.

“The senior centers that we have in San Diego are [staffed by] really nice people trying to do good work with almost no resources at all,” Bob said. “80% of seniors want to stay in their own homes in their own communities, which means they need locally based services. Right now our senior centers can’t even come close to taking care of the numbers of seniors on the horizon.”

The piece also checks in with Shelley Lyford, CEO of West Health, who was recently appointed to the committee for the California Master Plan for Aging. Listen to the full interview below.

Listen to Marilyn Hyder’s conversation with Bob Kelly and Shelley Lyford on KOGO radio
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