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News Report: SD Seniors Community Foundation Starts ‘No Senior Alone’ Initiative

Campaign seeks to raise $1 million to support isolated seniors in San Diego County

On Wednesday, community leaders gathered in Chula Vista to announce a new initiative led by the San Diego Seniors Community Foundation to fight the harmful effects of social isolation among seniors during COVID-19. As the pandemic wears on, older people have become more and more isolated, increasing their risk of serious health effects, including depression, anxiety, dementia, malnutrition, physical decline, and death.

“COVID-19 is indiscriminate in choosing who it affects, and the reality for older people is that we are at high risk of infection and at even higher risk of long-lasting impacts due to social isolation,” said Bob Kelly, President & CEO of the foundation. “Health and economic well-being later in life has little to do with personal sacrifice on an individual level. It has more to do with our collective willingness to give where it helps to build a community that supports all of its residents.”

In partnership with the Sahm Family Foundation, which contributed a $500,000 matching gift to the No Senior Alone campaign, SDSCF seeks to fund programs and projects that will help older adults to thrive both during and after the pandemic.

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