Connections Through Technology Program Bridges the Digital Divide for Peninsula Seniors

Posted: May 24, 2021
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We all know that sometimes the difference between a bad day and a good one can be having a conversation with a friend. A phone call. A text exchange. Bumping into a neighbor while you walk the dog. These small interactions play a big part in our mental wellbeing. But for homebound seniors who struggle with new technology, it’s not always so easy to reach out and feel the comfort of connection.

As part of San Diego Seniors Community Foundation’s No Senior Alone initiative, we granted $16,000 to the Peninsula Shepherd Center to fund the Connections Through Technology Program, which helped Point Loma and Ocean Beach seniors stay connected during the long, isolating months at home during the pandemic.

In this video, we meet Carol, Jerry, and Laura – PSC members who benefitted from one-on-one technology training to help them use new digital devices and engage with online programming at the center. Listen to their stories and hear how Connections Through Technology and the Peninsula Shepherd Center have made a difference in their lives.


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Donate to the No Senior Alone campaign to end social isolation for homebound seniors

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