Borrego Springs Senior Center Assessment

The San Diego Seniors Community Foundation has completed the first phase of our assessment of the Borrego Springs Senior Center, recommending that a new senior center be built in conjunction with a new affordable housing complex contiguous to the Borrego Springs Library.

Borrego Springs senior center
The Borrego Springs Senior Center

While the work being done by the staff, volunteers and board of directors of the Borrego Senior Center is exemplary, we observed that the existing senior center is inadequate, underfunded, and understaffed for the needs of Borrego’s growing senior population. Given the reality of low income and employment levels among Borrego residents, high energy costs, the lack of adequate local services, and the high number of “senior orphans” without family or support systems to serve their needs, we believe that a new senior center will be essential to the physical, mental and financial health of Borrego seniors.

Download the Borrego Springs Senior Center Assessment report
Download the report

The Borrego Springs Senior Center assessment was made possible by a grant from the Borrego Valley Endowment Fund. SDSCF presented our findings to the BVEF board in May 2019. The board accepted our report and approved SDSCF to commence with the next phase of the project. We are now in the process of developing a full business plan to lay out the center’s intended design, programs, services and optional amenities, and preparing a comprehensive financial analysis to determine the capital and operational costs of a new senior center. You can read the complete Borrego Springs Senior Center Assessment report here. Read our press release about the completed assessment here.

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