Senior Centers Master Business Plan

In 2019, San Diego Seniors Community Foundation completed the first-ever study of senior centers in San Diego County, revealing that San Diego regional senior centers are generally outdated, underfunded and understaffed facilities that serve less than 8% of the region’s older adult population. Building off of those findings, our team has undertaken a new project to develop a master business plan for senior centers in San Diego County. The report will be a comprehensive overview of how to achieve a robust network of sophisticated senior centers to serve new and future generations of older adults.

Following a thorough research effort, the business plan will:

  • Provide an overview of senior demographics in the San Diego region and in each community
  • Propose optimal senior center models and amenities that will effectively serve our older adult population
  • Identify areas where new senior centers are needed
  • Identify senior centers that could benefit from refurbishment, upgraded equipment, and expansion of facilities
  • Estimate the capital costs required to make recommended improvements
  • Detail the steps that must be accomplished to implement the plan
  • Describe the key role of philanthropy in enabling this regional effort
  • Identify agencies, municipalities, nonprofit organizations, and other stakeholders that will need to be involved
  • Include commentary and feedback garnered from stakeholder forums
  • Highlight success stories and progress that is already being made
  • Create a call to action for public officials and San Diego County leaders
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