San Diego Senior Center Assessment

San Diego Seniors Community Foundation completed a comprehensive, first-of-its-kind study of every senior center in San Diego County in the first half of 2019. The study identified significant challenges and opportunities for improvement. As the senior population in San Diego continues to grow, SDSCF believes that investment in senior centers will play a major role in improving the wellbeing of older adults.

Key findings include:

  • The majority of facilities countywide are older and in need of renovation, repair, and additional or newer equipment.
  • Across the board, lack of resources limits the ability of senior centers to expand available services and programs and increase qualified staffing.
  • Funding for senior centers is limited by tight municipal budgets, a lack of fundraising infrastructure, and no culture of philanthropy.
  • Outreach programs to identify and serve socially isolated seniors are minimal.
  • Many seniors are unable to access transportation to and from senior centers.
  • The size and number of existing senior centers are inadequate to serve the senior population—a problem that will be exacerbated in coming years.
  • We believe philanthropy is the solution to many of these issues.

Read the Report

Senior Centers: What We Have Now and What We Need
Download the summary report
(PDF - 12 pages)
The State of San Diego Senior Centers
Download the full report
(PDF - 123 pages)
View our interactive map of San Diego senior population demographics and senior center locations

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