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SDSCF Partners with SDGE to Teach 650 Seniors about Emergency Preparedness

SDSCF Chief Engagement and Program Officer – Joe Gavin pictured here educating seniors about emergency preparedness with the collaboration of our partner SDGE.

Emergency situations can arise at any moment, and people may have only a precious few minutes to respond and seek safety. It is critical for San Diegans to have strategies in place to be prepared in advance that minimize the risks of natural disasters and hazardous events.

Older adults can be especially vulnerable to emergency situations for many reasons, which is why the San Diego Seniors Community Foundation partnered with San Diego Gas & Electric to provide educational workshops on emergency preparedness for older adults throughout the San Diego region.

Through the Fall of 2022, SDSCF provided 19 workshops that assisted over 650 older adults with guidance and information to help them become prepared. SDSCF provided these workshops at senior centers, community centers, and older adult apartment buildings, covering the large geographic footprint of San Diego County from Fallbrook to Imperial Beach, from Point Loma to Ramona, and points in between.

SDSCF staff gave each attendee the County of San Diego Disaster Planning Guide. This 48-page user-friendly planning document delivers a thorough review of emergency scenarios and tips and guidance on becoming effectively prepared. The guidebook gives numerous planning tips on creating effective safety strategies for older adults, from creating a network of friends and neighbors for evacuation planning to stay connected with County programs such as the Community Emergency response Teams (CERT), AlertSD, Ready SD, and SDGE.

Workshop attendees also learned of SDGE programs that can be of crucial assistance during times of emergency. San Diego residents can connect to the Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) program that can give older adults important information from SDGE if power disruptions impact their community.

SDGE has the Access and Functional Needs (AFN) program that can assist anyone over the age of 60 with supportive services during times of emergency. The program can provide hotel vouchers, transportation, food support, emergency kit items, and backup power options for those who may have medical equipment that need a consistent source of power. SDGE also opens community centers for areas that are impacted by a disaster scenario.

The SDSCF/SDGE collaboration is another example of how SDSCF is fulfilling its mission to ensure every senior has someone they can turn to and trust.



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