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Thank you to everyone who helped ensure No Senior was Alone for the holidays.

As we welcome 2024, we wanted to reach out with a heartfelt thank you for making our “No Senior Alone For The Holidays” campaign such a success this holiday season.

Thanks to your generosity and compassion, together we were able to help over 6,000 seniors across San Diego County from San Ysidro up to Oceanside and out to Ramona and Borrego. Thanks to you, they all had a place to celebrate and new friends to connect with during the holidays.

With close to $100,000 in grants from your generous donations and a matching grant from the Sahm Family Foundation, we were able to support over 100-holiday events and local senior centers, veteran halls, and community spaces.

Seeing the joy and community you helped create for older adults facing loneliness and isolation was incredibly heartwarming. The holiday season can be especially difficult for the estimated 130,000 senior orphans in San Diego County who have no family to spend it with. But your acts of kindness ensured they still had cheer, meals and human connection during this time.

As we reflect back on 2023, know that none of this would have been possible without each and every one of you.   Your donations, your time volunteering, your partnerships, and your enthusiasm for supporting seniors made and continue to make all the difference.

We wanted to share with you one of the many videos and photos we received from across the County showcasing your donation in action! We dare you not to have a smile on your face the rest of 2023 after watching this holiday happiness!

Check out our Facebook Page to see more photos and videos like these


We would love to hear from you by emailing us at and let us know how we can continue to collaborate with you, your family, community group or company again next year.

Which issues do you feel strongest about and want to continue to tackle? The top of our lists are Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, Transportation/ Mobility, Empowering and Innovating your local Senior centers, Elder Fraud prevention and more, all the while continuing to build the infrastructure for aging and bringing care and community to all seniors throughout San Diego County. 

Happy New Year! 
The Staff and Board of the
San Diego Seniors Community Foundation

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